ARC is excited to be running MIGW at the Table for our third year!

Come join us for a day of TTRPG adventures! We start and end with liveplays, and in between you can watch our streamed panels, or play our smorgasbord of tabletop games. We have big name games and small, local-developer games on offer, so there’s something for everyone.

Of course, Herbert Peppard will be showing off another Goblins of Zarth module on the livestream, starting 7pm.

This year we are also joined by the amazing and talented Melissa, who will be running a Vampire: the Masquerade liveplay, The Rose that Bleeds, starting immediately after our event kickoff at 10am.

From 10am until 7pm, we’ll have a mix of tabletop games running in our Discord, so you can come and play an old favourite or a new-and-shiny game with us during the day!

Register for a Game

All games are run on our Discord channel. If you aren’t already a member, you can join by clicking here.

See the full list of games and descriptions Here!

Streamed Events

10.00am Event Intro

10.10am The Rose That Bleeds – VtM Liveplay

1pm Playing well Online – Digital TTRPG Tool Demonstration – Nathan Beattie from Arkenforge

2pm Building Well Online – Storysynth – Hailey Cooperrider from Amble Studios

3pm Digital vs In Person TTRPGs – Convergence or Divergence (Panel)

5pm Worldbuilding – Your Game, Your World (Panel)

7pm Goblins of Zarth D&D 5e Liveplay

All times AEDT

Our Partners


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The Quest Suppliers

We are Aussies dedicated to making your next games night the best it can be. As board game & RPG enthusiasts ourselves our goal is have very affordable prices, great customer service and a great selection of games! What’s more, we aim to make the process of discovering new games for your group to be as painless as possible ? Come visit The Quest Suppliers for fantastic prices on Board Games, D&D Dice, Pins and Laser Cut Products by the one and only GlowCraft!