“I’ll tell you a story, of lands long forgotten,

Where giants once roamed, they

Were tall as the mountains”

In the freezing cold of the Winter Ranges, lie the ancient halls built by the mighty jöthnar. There, the bones and the mysteries of their civilisation are left behind. Many secrets are still buried deep beneath the snow of the mountains, waiting for explorers capable of uncovering them.

Dungeons & Distancing is a free and exciting online D&D event presented by Arcanacon in partnership with Arkenforge. Suitable for beginners and veterans with all characters pre-generated.

Every person registered will play all three chapters.

Written and presented by Ben Byrne of Melbourne Dungeon Master.

Launching on the weekend of April 10th and 11th, continuing over the following two weekends.

To register your interest, please follow the link below and fill out our registration form.

3 games over 3 weeks with everyone playing every game.

The spoils

The Quest Suppliers have provided us with 6 handcrafted prizes that will be awarded during the event and every player receives a 10% off coupon for the TQS shop.

Our competition structure & schedule (All times AEST)

The event takes place over three weekends beginning on Saturday the 10th of April. 

Each weekend a new chapter of the ongoing scenario will be run for all players. There will be three game times over each weekend, two on the Saturday and one on the Sunday. 

Creator Ben Byrne will also perform the chapter live every Sunday from 6pm; which covers the story so far as experienced by all players. Watch here!

The DMs and participants will choose two standout players from each weekend who will win prizes from The Quest Suppliers.

Weekend 1 Chapter 1
Saturday 10th April
Session 1: 1pm-4pm
Session 2: 6pm-9pm
Sunday 11th April
Session 3: 11am-2pm
Weekend 2 Chapter 2
Saturday 17th April 
Session 1: 1pm-4pm 
Session 2: 6pm-9pm
Sunday 18th April
Session 3: 11am-2pm
Weekend 3 Chapter 3
Saturday 24th April
Session 1: 1pm-4pm 
Session 2: 6pm-9pm
Sunday 25th
Session 3: 11am-2pm

Sunday Livestreams 6pm


The DMs and participants will choose two standout players of each weekend to receive a prize.

The judging will be based on general principles of good roleplaying, imagination and decency.

How to register

Registration is free. All characters are pre-generated.

To register your interest follow this link and fill out our short questionnaire. 

If this presents any problems please email us directly at arcanacon.orgs@gmail.com

Technical requirements

All you will need is a Discord account and microphone access. 

Please ask us if you need any help setting up a Discord account. 

Your identity can remain secret, and you do not need to share your image, but we find it enhances the game if you choose to!

Conditions of Entry and Code of Conduct

You must be 16 years or older.

Games may include MA16+ material including a recognition that sex exists. 

By registering for Dungeons & Distancing you are agreeing to adhere to the Arcanacon Code of Conduct

The Dungeons & Distancing team

Dungeons & Distancing is brought to you by the team behind Arcanacon.

Scenario and DMing curated by Ben Byrne of Melbourne Dungeon Master.

Prizes provided by The Quest Suppliers.

Ingame tools and technical support provided by Arkenforge.

Our Partners


Arkenforge develop beautiful gaming tools that work seamlessly to make your digital roleplaying come to life.  Visit our Arkenforge.com and see RPG differently. We are a small Australian company dedicated to enhancing your tabletop roleplaying experience. Started by four TTRPG enthusiasts, we took to the challenge of discovering how we could make the experience as immersive as possible.

The Quest Suppliers

We are Aussies dedicated to making your next games night the best it can be. As board game & RPG enthusiasts ourselves our goal is have very affordable prices, great customer service and a great selection of games! What’s more, we aim to make the process of discovering new games for your group to be as painless as possible ? Come visit The Quest Suppliers for fantastic prices on Board Games, D&D Dice, Pins and Laser Cut Products by the one and only GlowCraft!