ARC is excited to be running MIGW at the Table for our fourth year!

Come join us for a day of TTRPG adventures! We start and end with actual plays, and in between you can watch our streamed panels, or play some exciting tabletop games.

This year we are also joined by the amazing and talented Melissa, who will be running a Vampire: the Masquerade actual play, starting immediately after our event kickoff at 10am.

Streamed Events

10am Introduction with MC Stevie

10:10am – 1pm Shadows on the Nullarbor – VtM Actual Play

2pm – 3pm Panel: Actually Doing it: How to create an actual play stream for TTRPGs

4pm – 5pm Panel: Evolutions of Gaming: How new designs will change games as much as technology.

6pm – 7pm Panel: Dollaroos for You: Finding and Getting Funding for TTRPG Projects

7:30pm – 10pm Goblins of Zarth D&D 5e Actual Play

All times AEDT

Shadows on the Nullarbor – VtM Actual Play

10:10am-1pm AEDT

Tasked by Prince Sarrasine of Sydney with protecting sensitive goods, you board a specially chartered running of the iconic Indian Pacific train. Taking the trans-continental railway from Perth to Sydney, via Adelaide, a group of vampires must ensure the goods arrive safely or face the consequences. But what dangers face they on a train crossing the middle of Australia? And why didn’t they just get freighted across?

Something doesn’t add up, but will our vampires be the ones to delve into the mystery, or will they simply play the dutiful guard? And who is going to stop them, regardless of their choice? Scenario by Nephthys Nile. Storyteller Nepththys Nile.

Panel – Actually Doing it: How to create an actual play stream for TTRPGs

2pm – 3pm

Go behind the scenes of an Australian TTRPG Actual Play to find out how to create, shoot and stream your own live stream or AP game, with cast and crew of Red Centre by Night, a Vampire the Masquerade AP set in Australia.

Panel – Evolutions of Gaming: How new designs will change games as much as technology

4pm – 5pm

It has been clear that the gaming landscape has been changing, and that COVID-19 has only supercharged that change. It’s common to see discussions about how going digital and long distance has changed tabletop gaming, but increased use of digital tools is not the only development in games media. Megagames, ARGs, and hybrid or crossmedia games are starting to make a deep impression on what it means to be a game in the modern day. Join Lee Cope, Sidney Icarus, Nellie Seale and Dr Lucy Sparrow, games academics and experts, for a discussion of the future of games as a medium, discussing both the difference that digital tools can make and the opportunities for mixing gaming locations, styles, and media for a truly innovative future of gaming.

Panel – Dollaroos for You: Finding and Getting Funding for TTRPG Projects

6pm – 7pm

Whether you’re a budding game designer, an established creator, or simply passionate about the world of TTRPGs, this panel is your essential guide to navigating the complex landscape of funding opportunities. Our panelists, a diverse group of industry veterans, crowdfunding experts, and successful TTRPG creators, will share their insights, experiences, and strategies for securing funding for TTRPG projects. From innovative Kickstarter campaigns to securing grants and beyond, you’ll gain actionable advice on how to turn your creative visions into reality.

Roots: Goblins of Zarth Actual Play

A fun romp through a chaotic world. Follow a group of goblins who are investigating what happened to their village. A zany D&D 5e hack that is sure to leave you in stitches. Written and GMed by Herbert Preppard for Tabletop Dynasties.

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