ARC Presents:

  1. Cyberpunk Liveplay by Ben Byrne and featuring the amazing Miek and the players from 1 For All!

2. Build Your Game-Making Practice: Tabletop RPGs From Design to Production

Sunday 4:15 AEDT: ttv/PAXAustraliaOfficial

We all create in our own unique ways. Join game-makers Vee, David and Leo as they share their approaches at different points in the process. Starting from ideas, to game rules, playtesting, art, layout and more, learn how other excited creators are thinking about their design process and pick up useful hints and tips to incorporate into your own game-making practice.

A TTRPG game dev panel presenting

Hayley Gordon (Storybrewers Roleplaying) : Facilitator

Vee Hendro creates roleplaying games as one half of Storybrewers Roleplaying, known best for the Jane Austen RPG, Good Society, and upcoming sports-drama game, Fight With Spirit. She also works as a freelance graphic designer

Leo Cheung (@blueTwodays) is a Game Designer/Illustrator behind “Parselings, A Deckbuilding TabletopRPG” currently being published by SmunchyGames

David Naylor (@goodshipfuntrip) works with Chaosium as a part of their digital content team and is a tabletop designer currently creating Time Without Tide, an RPG about exploration and adventure in a post-apocalyptic Victorian setting.

A showcase of locally developed TTRPGs.

3. Game Dunk Showcase