Love Dungeons & Dragons but wondering what else is out there, or heard the buzz about TTRPGs and want to know more, then join us at GG!

The Australian Roleplay Community is showcasing some of Australia’s best Indie TTRPGs for you to play and enjoy! Everything is free and games will be running for the entire convention.

There will be 16 different games for you to choose from, all of them perfect for beginners and new to all players.

The ARC admin team will tell you about the games that are running, and advise you based on your preferred genres and game styles.

This is a fantastic way to see what young and diverse game creatives are doing in the TTRPG space and find out how to be involved.

ARC Games

A collection of images of the various games logos and titles. These are the games listed are set out below the image.

ARC is showcasing the following games:

  • Behind The Scenes by James Porley
  • Dark Vigil by Nicole Renner
  • Hard City by Nathan Russell
  • Hard Wired Island by Paul Matijevic
  • Make Our Own Heaven by Reizor
  • Pistol Packing Bondage Nuns from Dimension Sex by Andi Lennon
  • Precogniscience by Tully Blackmore
  • Senseless by Nathan Corr
  • Terror Signal by Jake Scott
  • The King’s Poisoner by Jonathan
  • The Score by Steve Dee
  • The World War Weird Hack by M.T. Black
  • Those Who Dare by Thomas Cahir & Luke James
  • Tomorrow City by Nathan Russell
  • Vestiges of Magic by Kell
  • Villagesong by Vee Hendro

When and Where?

Generation Games
20 – 21 APRIL 2024


Please hit us up with any questions.