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A gentile wind carries the scent of slow decay.

Aeons of existence. Reduced to millimetres of loam.

Reaching out to touch the inside of your nostril.

Will you find your fellows here?

Toiling still among worms and grubs?

Do they cry out with countless others?

To touch your nostril. Their plight unheard.

Their substance drained.

Do they call you to join them beneath a blanket of time?

Safe. In the cool. Dank. Earth?

“Lament of the lost, by Roebelly the Uncertain.”

Missing!! A whole Dang legion!! Well, less missing and more misplaced, but nonetheless, they must be found!! And who better to do the finding than a rag-tag group of administrators, conspiracy theorists and petty nobles all hell-bent on exhuming the horrible truth!!

Join ARC and Tabletop Dynasties in our third annual Goblins of Zarth free-to-play online event!

In this all-new tale of mystery and wonder, you and your compatriots return to Zaranthurul in the hope of gathering the resources required to discover the truth about the lost thirteenth legion!

‘Goblins of Zarth: Roots’ will occur over three weeks between 27/11 and 11/12, 2022. Participants can play through up to three stand-alone stories using the same player character options. All three games link together, creating an overarching narrative that leads you from the intrigue-riddled backrooms of the imperial court through the expanse of the Zarth Steppes to the depths of the Verdant wastes, a seemingly endless mire where secrets lie and leaches fly!

Goblins of Zarth Uses an abridged version of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition that accommodates new and experienced players and welcomes those with no prior role-playing experience. Goblins Of Zarth is a unique award-winning setting created by Herbert Peppard for Tabletop Dynasties and features art by Cepholopede.

Goblins of Zarth is most suitable for players of 15 years and older as it contains themes of cannibalism and fantasy violence.

These games are designed to run for about 2.5 hours, but are allocated a 3 hour time slot for good measure.

The live plays will take place on each sunday from 7pm-10pm AEDT

All games played on ARC Discord using the beautiful Arkenforge gameplay technology.