Goblins of Zarth is a unique fantasy setting for 5th edition where goblins rule and all other races have receded to live on the fringes of society or been reduced to work in service of the goblin elite.

At the heart of this world sits the vast labyrinthine city of Zaranthurul; capital of the Zarth Empire. Here, decadent nobles play dangerous games of control while armies of administrators, skilled craftspeople and labourers work tirelessly to keep the world turning.

The Goblins of Zarth setting swings between satire and fictional realism; it embraces the chaotic nature of goblin society while defining the beliefs and cultural nuances that stop the Zarth Empire from collapsing in on itself.

These games are designed to run for about 2.5 hours, but are allocated a 3 hour time slot for good measure.

All times AEDT

Sat 13/11 : 10am – 1pm
Sat 13/11 : 2pm – 5pm
Sun 14/11 : 12pm – 3pm

Sat 20/11 : 10am – 1pm
Sat 20/11 : 2pm – 5pm
Sun 21/11 : 12pm – 3pm

Sat 27/11 : 10am – 1pm
Sat 27/11 : 2pm – 5pm
Sun 28/11 : 12pm – 3pm

The live plays will take place on each sunday from 5pm-8pm including Sunday 5/12 for the final