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Full schedule for MIGW at the Table

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Goblins of Zarth – Roots

Image by Herbert Peppart, Tabletop Dynasties

Goblins of Zarth is a unique fantasy setting for 5th edition where goblins rule and all other races have receded to live on the fringes of society or been reduced to work in service of the social elite.

At the heart of this world sits the vast labyrinthine city of Zaranthurul; capital of the Zarth Empire. Here, decadent nobles play dangerous games of control while armies of administrators, skilled craftspeople and labourers work tirelessly to keep the world turning.

The Goblins of Zarth setting swings between satire and fictional realism; it embraces the chaotic nature of goblin society while defining the beliefs and cultural nuances that stop the Zarth Empire from collapsing in on itself.

After three months of arduous marching, the 13th legion found itself winding through an expansive mess of twisted fronds that constituted the Verdant Wastes.

Every goblin alive longed for the stink of home; the simple rivalries of Zaranthurul seemed delightful when compared to the myriad of death offered by this howling mire. But, little did we know the worst was yet to come.

Join the Tabletop Dynasties crew for a rollicking playthrough of the latest Goblins of Zarth Scenario where you fight to escape certain death in the swampy goodness of the Verdant Wastes!

The Goblins of Zarth setting and Goblins of Zarth: Roots is written by Herbert Peppard for Tabletop Dynasties.

Vampire: The Masquerade – The Rose That Bleeds

Vampire: The Masquerade is the original and ultimate roleplaying game of personal and political horror. You are a vampire, struggling for survival, supremacy, and your own fading humanity—afraid of what you are capable of, and fearful of the inhuman conspiracies that surround you. As a vampire you suffer the pangs of the Hunger, the relentless and terrible thirst for human blood. If you refuse to deal with it, it will overcome your mind and drive you to terrible acts to slake it. You walk this razor’s edge every night. Dark designs, bitter enemies, and strange allies await you in this World of Darkness.

You and your fellow vampires arrive in Melbourne as the New Year draws near. This modern Australian City seems abuzz with all the nightlife a Kindred like yourself could possibly hope for. A letter of introduction has been sent ahead of you addressed to Prince Helena Petrova, a Toreador and the head of the Camarilla here in Melbourne. You reach your temporary lodgings to find an invitation to Elysium, to be welcomed to the City by the Prince and to scout potential work opportunities.

When you attend the venue, however, the mood is anything but welcoming. Helena’s latest Embraced childe, a well-known artist and musician, and her favourite ghoul, a trusted human by the name of Rosanna, are both missing and were last seen holding a very private and intimate discussion at the last meeting like this. The Prince, concerned that it’s a political move, tasks your group with finding the childe as a priority, and if at all possible the ghoul. If you can uncover why they went missing in the first place, Helena would look to offer a boon.

How will you navigate this new city and forge alliances? Can you avoid detection by humans hunting vampires and other supernatural creatures, known collectively as the Second Inquisition? Will you uncover the truth and bring the lost back home? 

This chronicle is set in the World of Darkness, and can be an introduction for new players to Vampire the Masquerade or enjoyed by more experienced Kindred.

Find out more about Vampire: The Masquerade at the World of Darkness website.

The Rose that Bleeds was written by Melissa Nile. Find her on Twitter.


Image provided by Nick Duff

Bloodclotte is a Gothic horror medical drama ttrpg about doctors in a war hospital using strange medicine to save lives. Players use surgery, astrology and alchemy as they treat patients with mysterious conditions and try to keep the hospital from being overwhelmed.

Nick Duff is a ttrpg designer from Queensland, working on Bindal & Wulgurukaba land. His work includes the isekai ttrpg This World Summons Too Many Heroes!! and the Gothic horror medical drama ttrpg Bloodclotte. Find Nick on

Chasing the Panther

Image provided by Paddy Hutchinson

Go for an ill advised bushwalk through the myths and mysteries of Australia’s Blue Mountains, and the tales of its most terrifying denizen, the Blue Mountains Panther! Take control of a desperate parazoological film crew and play to find out whether they will face death by panther, dehydration or wrathful producer! Originally brought to life for Folklore Jam 2020, who knows where this will end?

Find Paddy on Twitter, and on

Decaying Orbit

Image provided by Sidney Icarus and Storybrewers Roleplaying

On a distant space station, an AI awakes. The engines are silent, the data is corrupted, and the station is falling into the star. As players, we piece together what mysteries, joys, and horrors occured on board. Then, in our last moments, we decide what the AI salvages before it is consumed by heat.

Decaying Orbit, developed by Sidney Icarus and published by Storybrewers, is a scene-based story-telling game, inspired by stories like Sunshine, Alien, Observation, and Ad Astra. Clever prompts and evocative art make every scene dramatic. Three distinct ship types promote vastly different stories. Playing as a wide-reaching computer intelligence allows players to frame stories in unique ways.

Sidney is on Twitter.
You can find more Storybrewers games here.

Make Our Own Heaven

Image provided by Reizor

Blurb for the game: In Make Our Own Heaven players take on the role of clones angels raised in a secret lab to be tools of oppression. Having recently escaped they now seek to use their power to help the communities of Jupiter’s largest city, New Heaven.

It is a game of community service and problem solving. Fast to pick up, with a juicy setting, and evocative rules.

Reizor is a genderfluid game maker and artist living on Awabakal Country. Their work is eclectic, intentional, and driven by a love of triplicates. Find Reizor on Twitter or

Owlbear Omelette

Image provided by Giles Pritchard

Time for the little goblin to strike a blow! Time to stand up for all the oppressed goblins out there choking on their pasty gruel! Time to break into the Goblin King’s palace and steal an Owlbear egg for omelette making purposes! 

Giles Pritchard is a game enthusiast, teacher, gymnastics coach, writer, and game designer from regional Victoria. You can find him on Twitter or at his website. Check out Owlbear Omelette on its Kickstarter page!

Reach of the Roach God: Quiet Lake

Image provided by Centaur Games

Reach of the Roach God is the first full-length book from the A Thousand Thousand Islands project.

Inspired by the vast cave geographies found in many parts of SEA, and drawn from our personal lived experiences of underground spaces and crawling creatures within them. Three full adventure modules; a bestiary; three gazetteers to three underground societies; and a cave generator using dolls / action figures. System neutral, but designed to be easily transposable to your preferred TTRPG game of choice.

One of ROTRG’s three adventure modules, Quiet Lake is an investigation, star-crossed love story, and introduction to both the book’s underground setting and its central antagonists.

You are travellers, weary from river travel. Arriving at a village after sundown, you hear keening overhead. Villagers gather at a local tea-house. Fear has made them chatty, and sleepless.

Munkao is a visual artist, illustrator, and game designer. Zedeck Siew is a writer, translator, and game designer. 

Together, they are Centaur Games, a games studio based in Malaysia. Centaur Games is most well-known for Politiko, a card game about Malaysian electoral party politics; and A Thousand Thousand Islands, a tabletop-roleplaying-game worldbuilding project inspired by Southeast Asian myth and culture. You can find them on their website.

Spectres of Brocken

Image provided by Aaron Lim.

Spectres of Brocken is a GM-less role-playing game about making friends and then years later going to war against them in giant mechs. You play as young trainee pilots getting to know yourselves and each other in the Academy Phase, then fast forward years later to the Conflict Phase and see how your custom mech amplifies your reach to leave your mark on the world and each other. It is largely inspired by the No Dice, No Masters system used in Dream Askew and Dream Apart, by Avery Alder and Benjamin Rosenbaum.

Aaron Lim is a designer of tabletop games based in Malaysia. His work ranges from board and card games to story games and tabletop RPGs. Most of his work is self-published on his page.