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Goblins of Zarth – Idol Hands

Image by Herbert Peppart, Tabletop Dynasties

Goblins of Zarth is a unique fantasy setting for 5th edition where goblins rule and all other races have receded to live on the fringes of society or been reduced to work in service of the social elite.

At the heart of this world sits the vast labyrinthine city of Zaranthurul; capital of the Zarth Empire. Here, decadent nobles play dangerous games of control while armies of administrators, skilled craftspeople and labourers work tirelessly to keep the world turning.

The Goblins of Zarth setting swings between satire and fictional realism; it embraces the chaotic nature of goblin society while defining the beliefs and cultural nuances that stop the Zarth Empire from collapsing in on itself.

In Goblins of Zarth: Idol hands, you delve deep into the stinking bowels of Zaranthurul to discover ancient secrets, long-buried by a march of progress that spans 2000 years of goblin history.

The Goblins of Zarth setting and Goblins of Zarth: Idol Hands is written by Herbert Peppard for Tabletop Dynasties.

Call of Cthulhu

In Call of Cthulhu, you take on the role of everyday people who become investigators of the unknown – whether they are prepared or not. The mysterious places, people, and situations you encounter are often not what they seem – you and your friends are the only thing standing in the way of diabolical cults and cosmic monsters from beyond space.

This year’s module is The Necropolis.

EGYPT, 1924: A stone slab shifts unexpectedly, trapping the investigators in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Only then do the explorers discover that they might not be down here alone. Can you escape before doom engulfs you all?

The Necropolis is a 1-2 hour demo session offering players an introduction to the Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG.

Suggested age range is Teen 13+. 
No experience required; will teach rules to new players. 

Find out more about Call of Cthulhu at the Chaosium website.

Vampire: The Masquerade – A Strange New Hunger

Portions of the materials are the copyrights and trademarks of Paradox Interactive AB, and are used with permission. All rights reserved. For more information please visit

Vampire: The Masquerade is the original and ultimate roleplaying game of personal and political horror. You are a vampire, struggling for survival, supremacy, and your own fading humanity—afraid of what you are capable of, and fearful of the inhuman conspiracies that surround you. As a vampire you suffer the pangs of the Hunger, the relentless and terrible thirst for human blood. If you refuse to deal with it, it will overcome your mind and drive you to terrible acts to slake it. You walk this razor’s edge every night. Dark designs, bitter enemies, and strange allies await you in this World of Darkness.

In A Strange New Hunger, you find yourself in a group of people left in a dark and dirty basement. There appears to be one way out through a trapdoor, but it is hot and it sounds like a fire is raging on the other side. You need to get out and fast. You also need to find out why some of the people you are trapped with smell so delicious… This one-shot will introduce you to the game system of Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition (V5) and the World of Darkness as seen through the eyes of a fledgling.

Find out more about Vampire: The Masquerade at the World of Darkness website.

An Altogether Different River

Image provided by Aaron Lim

An Altogether Different River is a storytelling game about collaboratively creating a town with your friends, and then seeing how it changes through the lens of those who left it and returned, and those who stayed throughout.

Find Aaron Lim on Twitter, and on

Decaying Orbit

Image provided by Sidney Icarus and Storybrewers Roleplaying

On a distant space station, an AI awakes. The engines are silent, the data is corrupted, and the station is falling into the star. As players, we piece together what mysteries, joys, and horrors occured on board. Then, in our last moments, we decide what the AI salvages before it is consumed by heat.

Decaying Orbit, developed by Sidney Icarus and published by Storybrewers, is a scene-based story-telling game, inspired by stories like Sunshine, Alien, Observation, and Ad Astra. Clever prompts and evocative art make every scene dramatic. Three distinct ship types promote vastly different stories. Playing as a wide-reaching computer intelligence allows players to frame stories in unique ways.

Sidney is on Twitter.
You can find more Storybrewers games here.

Green Hollow

Image provided by Amble Studios

Green Hollow is an ancient village, far from many other places. On one fateful day, you come together with a handful of your fellow villagers to bring a new project to life. But there will be many challenges, many obstacles. How will your project change Green Hollow, and how will it change you?

Green Hollow, a game by Amble Studio, requires no preparation, no dice, and no game master. All you need is your imagination, as we create the story of the highs and lows of Green Hollow and the people who live there.

Green Hollow is also designed as a team-building game, perfect for bringing into the office to grow connection and spark insights within your professional team.

To learn more about Green Hollow’s professional applicability, and about Amble Studio, visit our website, Twitter and/or LinkedIn!


Image provided by Smunchy Games

They call people like you Parselings, and your tattoos define you. What do yours say about you?

Parselings, by Smunchy Games is a deckbuilding TTRPG where you use a deck of cards and collaborative word magic to determine your fate. This game is open to new and old players alike. All you’ll need is a good internet connection and your wits.

Chat about the game on Twitter, or check out the Smunchy Games website.

Preparing for Paris

Image provided by Logan Timmins

Welcome to Olympic Academy! Students come from far and wide to attend this prestigious high school. The catch? All the students here are personified sports! In order to become a true Olympic sport, you must graduate top of the class at the end of your final year.

Come to meet rivals and cause chaos, stay for your friends and surprisingly heartfelt moments. How will Olympic Academy remember you?

Preparing for Paris by Logan Timmins, is a game that requires no preparation and no game master. Built on the Firebrands Framework and Powered by the Apocalypse systems by Meguey and D. Vincent Baker, this game is sure to make you laugh at the sheer ridiculousness and teenage hijinks.

You can find Preparing for Paris, and all of Logan’s other games on, and the man himself on Twitter.


Image provided by Dylan Ford.

Providence, developed by Dylan Ford, is a game about playing gods of a fantasy world you create together, starting with a blank page at the dawn of time. Together, you forge the mountains, races, and civilisations of the world, and use them to carry out your will to create a rich history. It’s a GMless and story-rich game that lets you get away with anything a god can do, emphasising creativity rather than balance. You can run it on its own, or you can use it to collaboratively create a setting for a traditional fantasy game with your group.

Find Dylan Ford on Twitter.

Relics: A Game of Angels

Image provided by Steve Dee, Tinstar Games.

Relics: A Game of Angels, developed by Tinstar Games, is a roleplaying game in a world inspired by Wings of Desire, Dogma and The Prophecy. Players take the role of angels who have lived on earth for hundreds or thousands of years. The unique memory system allows you to build an ever-growing backstory as you play, making you the unreliable narrator of your own past.

In Casanova’s Ring, join the other fallen angels as you track down a mysterious ring, follow the path of a serial killer, and encounter much worse on the way…

Find Steve Dee on Twitter, or at the Tinstar Games website.


Image provided by Storybrewers Roleplaying

Villagesong, developed by Storybrewers Roleplaying, is a fantastical RPG about communities, leadership, and change, inspired by tales from ancient Java. Your decisions will determine the future of your village and the island. What will you sacrifice, and what will you hold dear?

You play a village leader, responsible for the wellbeing and future of your home. As the game progresses, you will make tough decisions that change your village, and the entire island. Choice by choice, you will shape the song of your village, sung for many years to come.

Find out more about Storybrewers on their website, and on their Twitter.
Storybrewers is currently Kickstarting a new game, Fight With Spirit. If you like Villagesong, please consider checking that out, too!

The Barmaid’s Tale

Image provided by Tinderbox Tales

Set in the Ratcatcher’s Rest, one of Tinderbox’s more “colourful” establishments, The Barmaid’s Tale is a social strategy game for 4 – 6 players. It is the job of players to assign blame to each other for the failure of a recent quest while literally “Passing the Buck”. Light, fun and fast with plenty of banter, The Barmaid’s Tale makes for a great icebreaker or social game experience.

Find out more at the Tinderbox Tales website.

Disaster Masters

Image provided by Disaster Masters

What would you do if you were challenged to a fashion show, and there were scorpions everywhere? Disaster Masters is a quick-fire party game, focused on encouraging creative solutions to wacky problems.

Find out more at the Disaster Masters website.

Identity Crisis

Image provided by Steve Dee

Identity Crisis is a hilarious party game about “that one guy from that thing”. 3 or more players compete to name the best fictional characters that suit the cards!

Find Steve Dee on Twitter.

Kingdom of Aer: Kingmaker

Image provided by The Quest Suppliers

Kingmaker is a social strategy elimination game for up to 5 players who battle it out in a game of wits, deceit and cunning play. You must keep your royalty alive long enough to win the crown, and bring power and ultimate rule for your house. Standing in your way are the other house’s vying for rule.

As Kingmaker to your House, you will build powerful alliances, orchestrate assassinations and destroy your opponents to ensure your house gains control over the kingdom. This action packed, 10-15 minute game will test friendships and highlight your true loyalties through exhilarating gameplay.

Check out the game at the Quest Suppliers website.

Spaceship Redoubt

Image provided by The Quest Suppliers

Spaceship Redoubt is a Deception and Betrayer game where players are either crew members scrambling to repair the ship or are sinister shapeshifters trying to take over! With multiple victory conditions and different strategies to gain information and build trust, this game is sure to have you either working with or betraying your friends!

Check out the game at the Quest Suppliers website.


Image provided by Joseph Prinable

During this rollercoaster of a game, you’ll be forced to score points for your opponents by playing their tiles. If your opponents overextend themselves, cunningly remove their scoring tiles and watch their hopes crumble. But always remember to save up your favourite tiles to clutch victory in the last seconds of the game. It’s the psychological thriller for family and friends that you always wanted.

Find out more at the Squendo website.